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The TRITOP software perfectly supports the different applications of the TRITOP photogrammetric system.

Photogrammetric Evaluation

  • Automatic orientation of all individual images
  • Highly accurate calculation of the 3D position of markers and adapters
  • Automatic compensation of the marker thickness
  • 3D graphical display of the resulting data

Transformation of measurement data
  • Transformation of 3D data into object defined coordinate system
  • Transformation of multiple load stages into a common coordinate system

  • Easy and precise definition of feature lines like tape lines and edges
  • Detection of the 3D position of patterns
  • Manual definition of 3D measurements on the basis of pixels

  • Primitives (spheres, cylinders, cones, planes, lines, ...) can be generated from mesh data (certified by PTB and NIST)
  • Intersection and projection of primitives
  • Export of primitives in iges format

  • Pre-registration and best-fit registration to reference data
  • Primitive based (RPS) alignment to reference or CAD data

  • CAD data import
  • Visualization of deviations using color plots
  • Inspect Modul certified by PTB and NIST
  • Export of the measured data and the tolerances in tabular forms
  • Label reports with predefined or customized visualization

  • Macro functionality
  • Automatic Quality Control including image analysis, registration, calculation of the deviations, data evaluation and report generation

Colored Meshes
  • Projection of color information from TRITOP images onto polygon mesh data
  • Import and export of color STL data

  • Certified scale bars support accurate measurements on large structures also at extreme temperature conditions
  • Easily transportable systems
  • Wireless image transfer

  • Automated parameter suggestions for all important functions
  • Online Help