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  3d Scanning Software

ATOS Professional Software


3D digitizing and full-field scanning with ATOSATOS Professional Software

ATOS Professional is a process-safe software solution that controls the ATOS 3D Digitizer and produces precise 3D surface data.

ATOS Professional is a knowledge base - it guides the operator through the complete 3D scanning procedure and provides support for setting up new measuring tasks using guided project creation.

  • Provides application-related parameter settings
  • Optimizes start-up times for measuring and evaluation tasks
  • Higher levels of safety for operator based on pre-defined templates


Complete workflow in one software application ATOS Professional Software

The ATOS Professional software is used to run the sensor head, to process the 3D point cloud and to edit and post-process the data. The simple graphical user interface helps support today's demanding tasks in quality control, manufacturing processes and reverse engineering. ATOS Professional features include: Sensor control, polygon mesh generation and editing, sectioning, feature and character line detection, primitive generation are basic software functions. For quality control and result analysis, tools such as CAD data import; import of measuring plans; registration; full-field deviation plots; section-based analysis; deviation of individual points; calipers, angles and diameters; report creation are available.


Software Highlights


Full-Field 3D Scanning

ATOS Professional and the ATOS 3D Digitizer are designed to work seamlessly and 3D data is available directly after fringe projection.
Single scans are automatically combined using a process-safe workflow based on a combination of reference points and surface matching.


Self-monitoring for process safety

ATOS is a self-monitoring measuring system that verifies calibration status, transformation accuracy, environmental changes and part movement.
This makes ATOS an industrial measuring solution that is ideal for operation in industrial production environments.


High-quality 3D mesh data

Successful and cost-effective post-processing is based on the quality of 3D mesh data.

ATOS Professional provides the unique algorithms for highest 3D mesh data quality combining small data size with accentuated fine details.


Fast Inspection: Real time evaluation

ATOS Professional contains Fast Inspection, the real-time evaluation of 3D surface deviation and inspection elements directly after each scan.
Inspection information is continuously derived and displayed from the complete pre-imported or manually created measuring plan and CAD during measurement.


Dynamic referencing

Due to ATOS dynamic referencing, the object or the sensor can be easily and freely moved or positioned. Sensor and object do not need to be fixed in relation to each other, which allows flexible measurement planning.
Navigation with the ATOS Digitizer is easy and fast as the sensor and measuring area are visualized online.


Complete inspection package

ATOS Professional contains all the features of GOM Inspect Professional making ATOS Professional the complete, process-safe, parametric, traceable measuring and evaluation software for dimensional analysis of ATOS 3D data. 


Optically Tracked Touch Probe

The GOM Touch Probe, an add-on to the ATOS 3D Digitizer, combines full-field and 3D touch probe measurement. The handheld GOM Touch Probe allows measurement in difficult-to-access areas, comparison directly to CAD, measurement of primitives, quick measurement of individual points and online alignment.